Youngevity Promotions




It’s a 3 month-long enrollment promotion where you compete with others for outstanding prizes and bragging rights! There will also be weekly and monthly prize drawings. There are minimum qualifications to be eligible to earn prizes so make sure to read ALL the rules.

Promotion begins February 1st Midnight PDT and ends April 30th Midnight PDT.


  • Earn entries for the top prize the more preferred customers and distributors you enroll. The more entries the more chances to win.

    • See below for how to earn bonus entries!

  • There’s up to $50,000 in prizes awarded EACH month!

  • Open to all Youngevity Distributors in good standing

  • Anyone who registers for February is automatically entered in March.

  • All individual participants will be place into groups based on past enrollment data.

  • Standings in Divisions will be ordered by number of entries earned.

  • Each division will have guaranteed prizes for the top 10 places. All other qualifiers can win fabulous prizes through our weekly and monthly drawings.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a team competition or Team Challenge. This is an individual enrollment contest for February and March.


Weekly prize drawings will be held for all qualified individuals!
To qualify for weekly drawings you must have enrolled at least one person with a minimum of 100 QV the day prior to the drawing.

Bonues Entries are based on performance in a each production month. Enrollments across months may not be combined to qualify for bonus entries.

  • Enroll at least 1 new Preferred Customer or Distributor with a minimum 100 order QV. Each new person is 1 entry.

    • Backdated orders or backdated enrollments will NOT count for promotion.

    • The person listed as the current enroller is the person who gets credit for the enrollment.

  • Achieve 3 new enrollments of at least 100 QV each and earn total 5 bonus entries.

    • if you enroll 3, you earn 3 entries + 5 bonus entries for a total of 8 entries.

    • if you enroll 4, you earn 4 entries + 5 bonus entries for a total of 9 entries.

    • if you enroll 5, you earn 5 entries + 5 bonus entries for a total of 10 entries.

  • Achieve 6 new enrollments of at least 100 QV each and earn 10 total bonus entries.

    • if you enroll 6, you earn 6 entries + 10 bonus entries for a total of 16 entries.

    • if you enroll 7, you earn 7 entries + 10 bonus entries for a total of 17 entries.

    • if you enroll 8, you earn 8 entries + 10 bonus entries for a total of 18 entries.

    • if you enroll 9, you earn 9 entries + 10 bonus entries for a total of 19 entries.

  • Achieve 10 new enrollments of at least 100 QV each and earn total 20 bonus entries.

    • if you enroll 10, you earn 10 entries + 20 bonus entries for a total of 30 entries.

    • if you enroll 20, you earn 20 entries + 20 bonus entries for a total of 40 entries.

  • Duplication

    • Get 1 entry for enrolling someone with 100 QV who also enrolls someone with 100 QV.


    • To be eligible for the car, you must enroll at least 10 customer or distributors with 100 QV each.

    • Winner agrees to make themselves available for no less then 8 hours on a date the sponsor selects for filming of a promotion video on them. Winner agrees to stay an active Youngevity distributor for at least 1 year from awarding of the prize. Failure for result in the winner reimbursing to the sponsor and prize money, media costs and marketing cost that include them.

    • Winner of the car will be given US$3,000 up front as a down payment for the car and receive US$500 a month for 36 months in order to make payments. The cash payments will be subject to local, state, and federal tax laws.

  • FREE shipping on new enrollment orders 100QV and higher available in the following countries:

    • United States

    • Mexico

    • Canada

    • New Zealand

    • Australia

    • Singapore

    • Hong Kong

    • United Kingdom

    • Colombia



  1. SIGN UP!!  Go here now to signup!  You can't win if you don't play.

  2. Get Your First Enrollment!

  3. Work with your upline for support and motivation and encourage your downline to join now!

  4. If you have questions, please re-read the HOW IT WORKS and OFFICIAL RULES first.  If the rules don’t answer your question, please submit your question to  When sending the email, please be sure to include your ID and name, any ID and name of your downline related to the inquiry, and OrderID if applicable. Not including all the information with email will delay any response and resolution.

  5. Be sure to check the leaderboard at least daily!  Updates and calls will be posted on the leaderboard.