Youngevity Promotions



What is the Team Challenge?

The Team Challenge is an enrollment promotion where you work with your team and compete with others for outstanding prizes (like an Apple iPad) and bragging rights! There will also be prize drawings for teams and individuals, even if for those who are not on the winning team. 

Individuals and teams will have minimum qualifications to be eligible to earn prizes.

What are the dates of this promotion?

Promotion begins April 1 Midnight PDT and ends April 30 Midnight PDT.

  • Enrollments and volume will retro-actively count from April 1

  • No backdated orders or enrollments will count for promotion.  Promotion ends Midnight Apr 30 PDT.

Team submissions are due April 5, 2017 Midnight PDT.

Divisions/Groups will be announced Friday April 7, 2017.

How does a team win and what are the prizes? 

Each division/group will have a winning team, based on total new enrollment volume and meeting minimum qualifications. Everyone on a winning team will receive an awesome, Youngevity-inscribed iPad. 

But that’s not all! Any team that meets the minimum qualifications, but doesn’t win, will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad for everyone on the team!

Plus, we’ll hold several drawings for individuals who meet the minimum qualifications, whether your entire team qualifies or not. Other prizes will include all sorts of Youngevity perks and gift boxes.

Everyone who qualifies has the opportunity to win!

Why join in the fun?

Your teammates and the spirit of competition will inspire you to do your best against your fellow Youngevity Nation Distributors! We’ll offer great perks and benefits to help you have a strong month. And best of all, working together as a team will keep each of you focused, motivated, and continually building your business! 

When does it take place?

The promotion will take place during the entire month of April. Teams must be created and submitted no later than Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 12 a.m. PDT. The Youngevity Team Challenge begins Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 12 a.m. PDT and will end April 30, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Each team will designate a team captain; The team captain should submit each member of the team for the promotion.

Who can participate?

Any Youngevity Distributor in good standing in each country where we conduct business and sell products may take part in the competition. Teams may be comprised of  four (4) or five (5) Distributors. 

How do I join the Team Challenge?

Joining is easy. Follow these simple steps:

  • Join or create a team.  If you can’t find a team to join, create one!

    • Teams can be made up of any groups of four or five Distributors – upline, downline, or crossline.

    • Teams must have a minimum of four members and no more than five.

    • Designate a team captain – they will turn in your team’s info.

      • Primary communication will go through your team captain, including weekly team captain calls and emails.

    • Pick a cool team name when you send your team info to us!

    • Have your team captain submit your team via email to

      • Here’s what your email should include:

        • The name of your team

        • The name of the team captain

        • The first and last names of each team member

        • Each team member’s Youngevity ID number

        • The email address of each team member

  • Act quickly – get your team in no later than April 5, 2017 at 12 a.m. PDT. 

  • We will arrange teams into competitive groups/divisions to promote a fair competition.

  • Divisions/groups will be announced by April 7, 2017.

  • Youngevity reserves the right to change teams, divisions/groups, and prizes to ensure the promotion remains competitive and fair.

What are the minimum qualifications?

  • You and your team must meet the minimum qualifications

  • Each individual team member must enroll a minimum of 3 new customers or distributors with at least a 300QV total. 

    • Each new customer or distributor must have a unique email, phone and address or they will not count toward promotion.

    • Only 1 person per household can participate/count toward promotion. 

    • Each new customer or distributor must have a valid billing address.  The address cannot be the corporate address.

    • New customer or distributor must place any orders from their account.  Transferred orders do not count for promotion.

  • Each team must generate a minimum total of 1500QV new enrollment volume in April to qualify. 

  • Once these minimums have been met, the team in each division that generates the most QV total will win!

  • Every Distributor on your team must meet the minimum individual qualifications for your team to be eligible to win.

Do DAC loans count for Team Challenge?

Yes!  DAC loans count up to a maximum of 500QV.  DAC loans may take a few days to reflect in standings.

How do I know how my team is doing? 

Visit the Youngevity Team Challenge Rankings webpage that includes teams, results, and rankings so you know exactly where your team stands and what you need to do to have a chance to win and compete against other teams.

Who can be a Team Captain? 

Any Youngevity Distributor in good standing. You can either create your own team, or join a team to be nominated as the Team Captain.

What if I have questions?

Email us at

Any other team requirements or rules I should know about?


  • CEO Paks are capped at 300QV for promotion calculations. 

  • No backdating. The Youngevity Team Challenge starts on April 1, 2017 Midnight PDT and ends April 30, 2017 Midnight PDT. No exceptions will be allowed.  All orders and enrollments must be completed by April 30, 2017 Midnight PDT.

Can I see some examples of how this will work? 

Scenario #1

  • Bob is a team captain.

  • Bob meets the minimum individual requirements by enrolling three new people on with 100QV orders. He doesn’t stop there. He enrolls an additional three people with a total of 150QV in new enrollment volume. 

  • Everyone on Bob’s team also meets the minimums, each getting at least three new enrollments with 100QV orders.

  • Bob’s team enrolls a total of 2,500QV in new enrollment volume in April. 

  • Bob’s team is now eligible to win, and will be in fierce competition with other teams in his group to win exciting prizes, including an iPad for each member of his team.

Scenario #2

  • Sara joins a team.

  • Sara meets the minimum individual requirements by enrolling three new people on with 100QV orders. 

  • Everyone on Sara’s team also meets the minimums, each getting at least three new enrollments with 100QV orders.

  • Sara’s team enrolls a total of 1,500QV in new enrollment volume in April, meeting the minimum team qualification.

  • Sara’s team didn’t win, but because they met all their minimums, they are in the team drawing to each win an Apple iPad.

  • IF Sara’s team did not all meet the minimum qualifications, but Sara met the individual requirements, she is now entered into a drawing for an Apple iPad.