Youngevity Promotions



Top Achievers Club 2018

  • Qualification period for TAC points and the 2018 Dream Vacation is September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017.
  • You must be a lifetime rank of 1-Star (SEMD) or above as of August 31, 2017.
  • Youngevity is the sole interpreter of promotion details and reserves the right to make any changes to this incentive, as deemed necessary, including but not limited to date change, rewards or qualification standards.
  • You must accumulate at least 3,200 points during the qualification period.
  • 3,200 points qualifies you to stay in one standard room at the resort.
  • 3,200 points also entitles you to also bring 1 optional guest. The guest must be a spouse/partner or family member.  The guest cannot be another distributor who is not your spouse/partner or family member.  Additional rooms for family members or rooms upgrades may be purchased at an additional cost and is subject to room availability.
  • Distributors traveling without a guest will be roomed with another Distributor.  Single guests will only be allowed to upgrade if there is another single guest requesting an upgrade.
  • Points are non-transferable and cannot be combined with points from another account. 
  • Points have no cash value and may not be carried over to the next program.
  • Distributors whose name is on the account may only participate.  Distributors must be in good standing to claim any prizes. Except where prohibited, participation in the Promotion constitutes your consent to use of your name, likeness, entry, and city, state and country of residence for promotional purposes in any media without further payment or consideration.
  • Participants are responsible for verifying their points earned each month and must report any discrepancy within 60 days.
  • Individuals are responsible for travel to and from the resort.
  • Accounts with matching name, email, phone, or address will be considered as duplicate accounts.  For any Preferred Customer or Distributor to count toward points, each account must have a unique email, phone, and address.  If any contact information is shared with another account or their enroller’s information.  No points will be awarded from any orders or rank advancements from an account that shares information.
  • Distributors whose primary method of business is selling on the internet are not eligible.  Defined as personally enrolling 1,000 or more.
  • All incentive questions should be sent to


  • Earn points every month each of your personally enrolled Preferred Customers or Distributors places an order.  
  • Points are determined by the total QV the person orders in the month up to the maximum.  1 QV = 1 Point
  • Minimum of 25 QV in a month for QV to count toward qualification.
  • Extra QV from double QV promotions will not count toward trip qualification.
  • Transferred orders will not count toward promotion points.
  • Maximum QV earned from a single person is determined by the number of months the person has ordered during the promotion. Points start accumulating in the 2nd month ordered during the promotion.
    • For each personally enrolled Preferred Customer or Distributor:
      • 2nd month ordered : Maximum of 25 points can be earned
      • 3rd month ordered : Maximum of 50 points can be earned
      • 4th month ordered : Maximum of 75 points can be earned
      • Each month after 4th : Maximum of 100 points can be earned
  • Preferred Customers and Distributors who enrolled prior to September 1, 2016 will count starting with their 2nd month ordered within the qualification period.
  • Minimum of retention 400 points is required to qualify for trip.
  • The maximum retention points that can be used to qualify for trip is equal to five times your training points.


  • Earn 100 points for helping a personally enrolled Distributor achieve the rank of Sales Associate (RMD).
  • Points are earn in the month of rank advancement to Sales Associate (RMD).
  • Minimum of 400 points is required to qualify for trip.
  • The maximum training points that can be used to qualify for the trip is equal to five times your retention points.

Optional Training Qualification for 4-Star (VCMD) and above lifetime ranks

  • This is an optional qualification for our top ranked leaders that focus on mentoring their entire team vs personally enrolled.  You can earn points in either this optional method or the normal method but cannot earn from both options nor combine points from both.

    Total new Sales Associate (RMD) D during this year's TAC qualification period must be equal to or greater than the number of new Sales Associate (RMD) during last year's TAC qualification period.  Based on placement genealogy.

    Earn 1,600 training points.

  • You must still earn 3,200 points with the remaining 1,600 from retention.
  • The maximum retention points that can be used to qualify for trip is still equal to five times your valid retention points earned.
  • Must be a 4-Star (VCMD) or above lifetime rank to use the alternate qualification.


  • $100 each month you are paid at your lifetime rank of 1-Star (SEMD) or above.
  • $200 each month you advance a rank to 1-Star (SEMD) or above.  Maximum of $200 per month.
  • Maximum of $1,000 reimbursement or cost of airfare, whichever is less.
  • You must qualify for and attend the trip to eligible for reimbursement.
  • Must qualify at your lifetime rank or rank advance in three separate months to earn any airfare reimbursement.
  • This is not a cash payout and cannot be redeemed for cash.  
  • Airline invoice showing the total cost and the TAC destination airport matching date of promotion trip must be submitted to be reimbursed.
  • You must qualify for the trip and must attend the trip to be reimbursed for your airfare.
  • Ranking does not determine if you qualify to join us on the TAC trip.  It is only for airfare reimbursement.