Youngevity Promotions




No prize substitutions.  Prizes are non-transferable.  Distributors whose name is on the account may only participate.  Only one account per person.  Distributors must be in good standing to claim any prizes.  Youngevity is the sole interpreter of promotion details and reserves the right to make any changes to this incentive, as deemed necessary, including but not limited to date change, rewards or qualification standards.  This promotion is an incentive to help you grow your business through retention.  As such, the retention for your organization must grow 5% in order to qualify for trip. Except where prohibited, participation in the Promotion constitutes your consent to use of your name, likeness, entry, and city, state and country of residence for promotional purposes in any media without further payment or consideration.  Unless specifically noted otherwise, this promotion uses the Enroller Lineage Tree to determine qualifications.  

Distributor & Preferred Customer

  • Customer must be a Preferred Customer.  Any reference to Customer is Preferred Customer.
  • To count toward the 1 new Customer or Distributor per month requirement, a Customer or Distributor must place a 25 QV or greater order in the same month they signed up.
  • Orders must 25 QV or more to count for this promotion.  All orders over 25 QV will be combined to determine highest points earned for a month.
  • The 1st month a Customer or Distributor orders 25 QV or more is their 1st month ordering regardless of join date.  Points are earned only in months after a Customer or Distributor’s first order month.
  • Customer or Distributor must have enrolled for first time between May 1st, 2016 and Feb 28th, 2017.
  • Only one Customer or Distributor in a household (including but not limited to same name, billing or shipping address, phone or email) will count for the promotion.  Eligibility will be determined by the 1st person to enroll using the same information based on Join Date.  Any other Preferred Customer or Distributor who joined afterward and has the same contact information will be ineligible for the promotion.   
  • Returns: all returns will be accounted for and recalculated for the length of the promotion.  Example: if a Customer or Distributor returns a product 4 months after purchase, those points will be removed from the qualifications retroactively from the total points for promotion.
  • Any promotion or campaign that multiplies QV will NOT count toward the QV Scale.  Example: A Customer or Distributor purchases 100 QV on a double QV promotion.  Only 50 QV will count toward points.
  •  Any order paid by another person other than the Distributor or Customer will not count for purposes of this promotion. Transferred orders or orders where volume is transferred do not count toward promotion.

Upline SVCMD
Any Distributor who achieves  SVCMD Lifetime Rank by end of promotion will be retroactively considered an SVCMD for entire promotion.

If a Distributor has same points as another, the tie will be broken in the following order of precedence: # who order in 4 consecutive months, # or order in any 4 months.

Guest Definition and Rules
Each trip winner may bring a guest.  That guest must be their spouse/partner only.  Anyone else is not eligible to attend.  Your significant other is also critical to your success.  We would not be where we are without them and we want to reward them also with this promotion.

Information may or may not be disclosed during the trip regarding upcoming events, products or company plans.  All trip attendees and their guests will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the trip.  This is a requirement to attend the trip. 

If you cannot attend the trip for any reason,  you forfeit any rights or prizes or compensation in any form.  You may not transfer the prize to any person.  Youngevity has sole discretion on selecting an alternate winner, if any.