Youngevity Promotions



What is the Canada Challenge?

The Canada Challenge is an enrollment promotion where you compete with others for outstanding prizes (like an Apple iPad) and bragging rights! 

Individuals have minimum qualifications to be eligible to earn prizes.

What are the dates of this promotion?

Promotion begins May 1 Midnight PDT and ends May 31 Midnight PDT.

  • Enrollments and volume will retro-actively count from May 1

  • No backdated orders or enrollments will count for promotion.  Promotion ends Midnight May 31 PDT.

Entry submissions are due May 5, 2017 Midnight PDT.

How does a individual win and what are the prizes? 

The person who has the highest total new enrollment volume and meets the minimum qualifications will receive an awesome Youngevity-inscribed iPad. 

But that’s not all! Any individual that meets the minimum qualifications, but doesn’t win, will be entered into a drawing to win.  

Everyone who qualifies has the opportunity to win!

Who can participate?

Any Youngevity Distributor in good standing in Canada.

What are the minimum qualifications?

  • You must meet the minimum qualifications to win.

  • Each individual must enroll a minimum of 3 new customers or distributors with at least a 300QV total. 

    • Each new enrollee must have an order with QV to count as a new enrollee.

    • Transferred/Reassigned orders do not count for promotion.  If an order is transferred, that order's QV will be removed from Challenge standings.

    • Example: You enroll 6 new people and each one does 50QV.  You've met the minimum requirements.

    • CEO Paks will count as 300QV for the promotion calculations. 

    • No backdating. The Youngevity Canada Challenge starts on May 1, 2017 Midnight PDT and ends May 31, 2017 Midnight PDT. No exceptions will be allowed.  All orders and enrollments must be completed by Ma 31, 2017 Midnight PDT.

Do DAC loans count for Canada Challenge?

Yes!  DAC loans count up to a maximum of 500QV.  DAC loans may take a few days to reflect in standings.

How do I know how I'm doing? 

Visit the Youngevity Canada Challenge webpage that includes particpants, results, and rankings.

What if I have questions?

Email us at