Youngevity Promotions



What is the 300 Club?

The 300 Club is a new recognition ‘club’ for those who are enrolling new Customers and/or Distributors. We are prelaunching in the last 10 days of June. Anyone who qualifies will earn the following:

1)    An exclusive 300 Club pin to display proudly 

2)    Entry into a massive, fun drawing packed with fabulous prizes taking place July 4

3)    Be known as part of the first-ever 300 Club inductees!

4)    Recognition online, on social media, and at Youngevity events

How do I qualify to be in the 300 Club?

Simply enroll a minimum of 3 people and a total of 300 QV in newly enrolled volume during the qualification period. Any combination of new Customers/Distributors and newly enrolled volume will count. As long as an order has QV, it will count towards your total. So, you can enroll 3 at 100 QV, 6 at 50 QV, and so on – any combination, as long as you reach the minimum 3/300.

When is the qualification period?

The first phase is June 20-30 (backdated orders will count!). To qualify as part of the inaugural 300 Club, you must enroll your minimum 3/300 during this time period. It’s a sprint!

Why should I participate – how will it help my business? 

This promotion will get you talking to new people, enrolling new business, and working with your team. It will help you continue to develop your leadership and give you prestigious recognition that you can only earn by being a part of the Club!

Who can participate? 

Any Youngevity Distributor in good standing in ANY country. There is NO registration required, so even your newly enrolled Distributors can participate immediately. All you have to do is start talking to people about Youngevity!

How do I register? 

There is NO registration required at this time. You’re ready to qualify!

Do I need to get on a team?

NO! This is NOT a team-based promotion. You can work with your upline and downline, but you do not need to submit or register a team.

How can I gauge my progress? 

Here’s the cool part – as soon as you enroll your first person with an order, you will see your name on the standings page. When you qualify for the 300 Club, you will see that designated on the standings page. 

Will this be an ongoing promotion? 

This round is a test based on the success of our past Team Challenge promotions. We believe this will be an exciting and rewarding promotion that we may run periodically throughout the year.

Are there any other additional incentives as part of this promotion?

YES! You can offer FREE SHIPPING on New Distributor orders June 20-30 on a minimum USD$100 order in the US and Canada. For Preferred Customers, we are waiving the $19.95 enrollment fee for the last 10 days of June with a minimum signup order of USD$100. International rules will differ by country and all countries may not be able to offer free shipping. Check with your country’s page or office. 

To utilize the free shipping (order maximum of $498) or the waiving of the Customer fee, you must contact Customer Service. Not available online at this time.